So you want to be a dog walker?

Well, you did it!

After years of prevaricating and promising yourself that one day you would quit that crappy job and pursue your dream career of working with dogs, you finally did it.

You set yourself up as a dog walker.

That was big brave step and not everyone was behind you. Even some members of your family rolled their eyes when you told them you were going to start a dog walking business. But you love dogs and you knew you could make it work, so you pulled on your big girl pants and you did it anyway.

You saved up for a van and you invested in a website. You got your fliers printed and you gave one to every dog owner you met in the park. And then;




You had a few tentative enquiries from price buyers who sucked in through their teeth when you told them your prices, and then said ‘We’ll be in touch if we need you’.

Don’t get me wrong, it takes guts and ambition to start any business but it takes much more than that to grow a passion into a profitable business that will give you the lifestyle you want.

‘Build it and they will come’ is quite frankly, bullshit and just being passionate about the job you love is not enough to guarantee that you will make money from it.

The small business graveyard is littered with failed start-ups who thought being passionate about something was enough to sustain and grow a business.

It isn’t.

So hopefully you battled through that first difficult stage and in time you picked up some clients. But it was never enough to give you the amount of money you needed each week.

Then there’s the competition.

It seems every week there’s another dog walker starting up in your town.

And this new competition is sucking up all the dog walking business with their super low prices right?


They are getting the price buyers and bottom feeders.

You should be aiming higher than that. You should be the Harrods, and not the Aldi of dog walkers in your town.

Maybe it’s time for you to think about what kind of business you want to have a year, 2 years or even 5 years from now.

Do you want to be recognized as the best dog professional in your town, the go to guy or gal who attracts top clients who love and appreciate your service and who pay their bills on time (and with a smile).

The peerless dog professional who all other dog walkers aspire to be like.

Or do you want to be stuck with a hobby business that you love but puts no bacon on the table. That drains you. And each passing week it becomes harder to justify your business to yourself when you know when you rack up the hours you put in, you may as well be working for minimum wage in your local shop.

You won’t give in though because this is your dream job right? Surely things will turn around soon?

Maybe they will.

Or maybe they won’t.

They will turn around a lot quicker if you up your marketing game and start seeking out the clients you know you deserve.

You might not know it but your dog walking business stands at a crossroads.

You can continue to struggle or you can learn how to market effectively and begin to position yourself as the premium dog professional in your town.

Will you take that step?

Or will another dog walker in your town claim that mantle for themselves.

Your choice chief…

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Dom Hodgson has run his highly successful dog training and adventure business, Pack Leader Dog Adventures in Sunderland for the last 5 years. Dom is also the bestselling author of ‘How to Be Your Dog’s Superhero’ and runs a number of online and offline dog training programs. In addition to the dog training he also runs a coaching business that helps pet business owners to make more money with less hassle, serving better clients and have fewer headaches. Click here to get Dom’s free 33 ideas to Grow Your Pet Business FAST!

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