Dog adventures 1.5 hours, better than daycare – From £30 per dog

You love your dog, but you also have a full time job you need to attend to enable you to pay for the dog toys and gravy bones… so you are desperate for someone to exercise and care for your dog while you are at work.

What do you do?

You need our world famous Dog Adventures.

Your dog has needs, with daily exercise and stimulation at the top of the list. You need a trustworthy dog walker who puts safety first for the dogs in their care.

Our famous dog adventures provide the most fun, entertainment and stimulation that any dog will ever need. While you are at work we will pick up your dog and take him on a different adventure every day, he will enjoy a structured exercise session, with experienced dog professionals who will ensure your dog returns home tired, happy and settled.

We are NOT like other dog walkers.

We DO NOT just take your dog to a field and let him arse around with other dogs until he is tired out. Allowing your dog to play like this will likely make him ‘dog obsessed’. He will pull on the lead, run away from you in the park and generally be a nightmare for you to walk.

On our unique Dog Adventures we play, train and entertain your dog, so while he is exercised in the company of other dogs, he doesn’t play directly with them. This has huge benefits for you the owner as you know your dog will be well socialised, but won’t want to run off and play with every other dog he sees when you take him to the park.

Please note, we are unable to take aggressive dogs on our dog adventures, but we can refer you to one of our training package which will help you manage your dog much more easily. This should be reassuring to you as you know your dog will never be walked with an aggressive dog.

Not all dogs are suitable for our dog adventures, but if your dog is lucky enough to join our pack then you can rest assured he will be cared for as if he was one of our own.

Home boarding – from £45 per day (or part day)

Do you love your dog but hate the idea of leaving him a kennel when you go on holiday? Are you a busy professional whose job requires you to work long hours and frequent business trips?

Then our exclusive home boarding service is your answer.

Our clients refer to us more as a second family than service providers. We have a loyal client list and only occasionally consider new dogs for home boarding.

Dog’s that are lucky enough to stay with us must be non-aggressive, house trained and friendly with dogs and people.

Your dog will live as our dogs do in the comfort of our own home. We have a safe and secure property with log fires for the dogs to relax by after their daily adventures.

When your dog home boards with us he gets to join in the daily dog adventures too. This will keep his mind off worrying about you, so while you are away enjoying yourself, he effectively has a holiday too.

Dogs will only be considered for home boarding after a successful meet and greet , a ‘getting to know you walk’ and a solo ‘play-date’. A one night trial stay is also required.

Please note:

Dog’s who home board with us are required to join us on weekly dog adventures. This ensures we maintain a great relationship with your dog all year round, we become like a second family and our home is a second home they will look forward to coming to when your holiday time comes around. Usual charges apply for these walks.

We occasionally home board puppy’s who are going through our puppy preschool program. We can continue the training here at our home to ensure your puppy gets everything he needs while you are away. The charge for boarding puppies is £60 per day or part day.


Do you love your dog but wish he would listen to you in the park? Does he turn stone deaf the minute you step outside the front door? You need to book on our Play and Train program. In the Play and Train program Dom will show you how to have a great connection with your dog so that you can easily get his attention when you take him outdoors.

Dog Training enquiries are by appointment only and all training services (including puppy pre-school) require you to book a 5 minute Skype or telephone call. Do not phone to speak about training services unless you have booked  in a call.

During this call we will get to the heart of the problem you having with your dog and I will advise what training package I think you require.

The Options will be one of:

Personal dog training.

With the personal Play and Train package I will quickly get to the root cause of the problem you are having with your dog. You will have a greater understanding of why your dog doesn’t listen to you and you will have an action plan to follow that will help you overcome the whatever issue you are having. It will also determine whether you need;

Play and Train session cost £60 an hour. First appointment is usually 2 hours .

For aggression and more advanced behavior issues you may work with a behaviorist we have in the team. Issues like aggression require more time to fix

First Behavioral Consult at your home £300 – This is usally 2 hours minimum.

Ongoing sessions as required £85 an hour here or £120 per hour at your home.

Play and Train Doggy Bootcamp.

This is group training and takes place outdoors. The groups are small (no more than 5) and the training is given in a group format.

Cost £40 an hour.

Enquiries are by appointment only and training services (including puppy pre-school) require you to book a 5 minute Skype or telephone call. Do not phone to speak about training services unless you have booked  in a call. During this call we will get to the heart of the problem you having with your dog and I will advise what training package you require.

The Puppy Pre-School Program

This service is for new owners who want their puppy to develop into a dog that is easy to exercise and a pleasure to own. What you do in the first few months with your puppy is crucial to his development and you can set yourself up for a happy life with your dog by investing in training now.

My Puppy Pre-school Program is a one of foundational session (usually lasting two hours) that will get your puppy training off to a flying start.

You will get help and advice to deal with:

Crate Training – We recommend using a crate to help toilet train your puppy, this will also help prevent separation anxiety issues. We will show you how to make the crate a happy place for your dog.

Puppy biting – Puppies need to chew and you need to know what to provide to stop him chewing your furniture, shoes and doors. Like jumping up at people, puppy biting is easy to deal with and prevent when you know how.

Loose leash walking – Forge a great connection with your puppy so you can easily get his focus on you when you walk him.

Basic obedience – You will  learn how to teach a sit, down, and more useful things like ‘leave it’ and recall training.

Handling and grooming – This will make visits to the vets and groomers less stressful (and maybe even enjoyable!)

Socialisation – As soon as you bring your new puppy home the clock is ticking on the time you have to socialize him. Many new pet dog owners unwittingly make a rod for their own back by not socialising their puppy enough or giving the wrong kind of socialization i.e allowing their puppy to play with every other dog he meets, this looks like fun but will probably mean your dog ends up wanting to run off and play with every other dog he sees and walking him will be very stressful.

Our intensive puppy program will set you on off the right foot so you have dog you will love exercising and he will love being with you!

Your dog will be well socialised with people ( and children) and other animals, and will assist you with taking the training outside once your puppy has been vaccinated.

Personal Puppy Pre-School Training Service

1.5-2 hours. This is your crash course introduction to puppyhood. We recommend this happens the first week you puppy arrive home. I will walk you through the basics of house training, socialisation and early training. Puppy’s are smart and if you need to provide the right stimulation and training from the start then you will be set for life.

Puppies are really hard work and it can be overwhelming as they quickly grow and develop. Our follow up meetings will enable us to nip any problems in the bud as they occur. At least one of the follow up training sessions we will show you how to training your puppy outdoors. Most owners struggle with getting the puppies attention at the park but we will show you how to play and engage your puppy so he follows you around the park like the pied piper.

Bonus 4 X 15 minute Skype calls.

Any time in your puppy’s first 2 months at home you can book in one of four 15 minute Skype or telephone calls with me. This will provide a perfect check in and catch up opportunity to quickly get you back on track with any problems that may crop up with your puppy.  This service has been invaluable to my training clients over the years.

My usual telephone canine coaching fee is £97 an hour but you get this free with the puppy preschool program.

The investment for the Puppy PreSchool Program is £135 (two hours minimum)

Home Grooming Experience

Our Canine Fulfilment Officer Lucy is now a fully qualified canine stylist. Dogs are styled to perfection at our home based ‘Groom room’.

We do not believe in running a busy, noisy, stressful, packed out pooch parlour.

All our dogs are home groomed in a serene, peaceful and private place, and they receive a short walk on arrival before their groom experience commences.

All dogs are required to undergo a grooming consultation where they can be assessed, and you’ll be given the correct grooming prescription based on your dog’s needs.

£40 minute grooming consultation – £20

Grooming guideline fees

Small dog from £40

Medium dog from £45

Large dog from £50

XL Dog from £60