You’ve done all the courses.

You’ve got the knowledge and the skills.

You LOVE dogs and you are passionate about helping people with their doggy problems.

But if you are honest, you know nothing about marketing. So how do you go about using social media to grow your dog training business?

There are many bright shiny social media platforms to choose from, so which one is right for you?

Should you Snapchat or Instagram it? Will Twitter trump Pinterest or is it Facebook all the way?

What platform will provide the most effective use of the limited time you are going to set aside for marketing? After all, you can’t buy a van or pay the mortgage with retweets, Instagram hearts and Facebook likes.

And whatever marketing you do needs to bring some sort of return in investment of your money and your time.

This is going to require some research on your part. You must ‘fish where the fishes are’ and get your content and adverts in front of your ideal prospects on the platforms they are using.

If you don’t yet know, then find out.

My own personal experience tells me that Facebook lends itself very well to dog training industry but there are lots of ways to do Facebook wrong and only a few ways to do it right.

First things first.

Paid adverts and blogs almost always beat organic.

Paid advertising on any platform will almost always give you more visibility than an organic post. Facebook advertising allows you to target by location and interest so you have a much greater chance of your advert appearing on your ideal clients Facebook page.

Then it’s your job to make sure your advert gives them a compelling reason to click and learn more.

The easiest way is to highlight a problem your prospects have that your product or service can fix. If you get this right then they should click on your advert to find out the solution.

Then it’s about lead capture and follow up which I will talk about more in another blog.

This is the formula I use for most of my adverts and boosted posts. So where do blogs come into all of this?

Well blogs are in essence an advert for your service. And blogs, along with Facebook live posts, podcasts, newsletters and emails are just one way to demonstrate that you produce great content. It’s easier to position yourself as an authority figure if you regularly produce content. The very best way to do that is to write a book. But a book can start out as a series of blog posts on a similar topic that you eventually put together, as a book.

A blog, if you structure it right will lead the reader from a problem they have to a solution you can provide, whilst also entertaining and educating them a little along the way.

So you remind them they have an itch (problem) then you encourage them to scratch it (which helps a little) and then your call to action will be a more satisfying solution to the problem (in that case, an ointment you can sell them to relieve the pain)

A blog post is longer than a traditional advert too. This means less people will read it but the ones that do are generally, in my experience, more qualified leads and more likely to want to find out more.

So the blog will bring the reader into your world a little and if they like you they will be encouraged to find out more. Those who don’t like you will leave but that’s fine because you don’t want everyone in your business anyway and besides there are loads of dogs and clients to go around.

So to recap, if you successfully;

Highlight a problem they have and then lead them somewhere. In this case a blog post, which gives them…

  • Part of the solution to the problem they need (not the whole solution but enough to help them a little and encourage them you know what you are talking about) then, a percentage of those people will be interested enough to find out more about you, at which point you…
  • Ask them to sign up for a free report or some other piece of information they would like to know about enough to give you their contact details.

Now you have a warmish lead you can go onto build a relationship with and sell to, over time.

This blog nicely demonstrates the process I describe about in the blog and you can do the same thing with your dog training services. If you want to learn more about how to apply this type of marketing in your dog training business  then you should click below and get my 33 Ideas to Grow Your Pet Business FAST!

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About the Author

Dom Hodgson has run his highly successful dog training and adventure business, Pack Leader Dog Adventures in Sunderland for the last 5 years. Dom is also the bestselling author of ‘How to Be Your Dog’s Superhero’ and runs a number of online and offline dog training programs. In addition to the dog training and adventures he also helps coach dog trainers to make more money with less hassle, serving better clients and have fewer headaches. Click here to get Dom’s free 33 ideas to Grow Your Pet Business FAST!

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