You’ve done all the courses. You’ve got the knowledge and the skills. You LOVE dogs and you are passionate about helping people with their doggy problems. But if you are honest, you know nothing about marketing. So how do you go about using social media to grow your dog training business? There are many bright… Read more

‘I don’t have time to market my dog business!’ This is the most common answer I get when I am talking to a pet business owner about their marketing. Often it’s a bit of a smokescreen as the honest answer should be something like; ‘Apart from pissing around on Facebook I really don’t… Read more

I know what you are thinking. This guy clearly knows nothing about dogs Dogs have to be walked. Dogs need to be walked. Dogs live to be walked, right? Absolutely they do. One of the best things about owning a dog is walking him. We look forward to it before we even collect our dog… Read more

Well, you did it! After years of prevaricating and promising yourself that one day you would quit that crappy job and pursue your dream career of working with dogs, you finally did it. You set yourself up as a dog walker. That was big brave step and not everyone was behind… Read more

‘Help! I need a dog walker!’ I often get phone calls like this from frantic owners who have changed jobs or had a change of circumstance and now find themselves in need of some help with their dog. (or dogs) We can’t help everyone though so I thought it would be… Read more