This isn’t your typical about page.

But then I’m not your typical dog walker or trainer.

See I know what it’s like when you have a dog that you love but you don’t really have any control over him.

At home he may be pretty perfect but as soon as you step outside your front door, a switch is flicked, he changes into a crazier and more feral version of himself and you become invisible to him.

He is completely deaf to you and no amount of sausages (or shouting) can get him to listen.

It’s frustrating.

You feel stuck.

And pretty soon you can begin to dread your daily dog walk.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

You and your dog were supposed to share the great outdoors together but now the only thing that keeps you together is the dog lead.

And you are in a constant state of panic because you don’t know when another dog is going to show up and spoil things.

If only your dog would look and listen to you in the park as much as he does when you are cuddled up on the couch together?

Well he can.

And I can help you do get there.

Over the last five years Pack Leader Dog Adventures has become known as the Premier Dog Adventure and Training service in the North East of England.

We are an award winning, family run, dog adventure business, renowned throughout the UK as the leading providers of professional dog care. 

Our Dog Adventures help dog owners in Sunderland provide the essential exercise and stimulation your dog needs while you are busy at work.

Our ‘Play and Train’ dog training service is designed to help you forge a great connection with your four legged friend, so you can enjoy stress free walks with a dog that wants to be with you.

I know what it’s like to have a dog who you love but you have no control over, I suffered from the same problems before I learned how to play and interact with my dogs. Now I help dog training clients all over the world with my bestselling book ‘How to Be Your Dog’s Superhero’ and my online training courses, to connect and bond with their dogs so they can really start enjoying walking them again.

Life is too short for you not to enjoy each precious day you have with your dog, so if you would like to end the stress and worry you currently experience when you are busy at work and your dog is home alone then get in touch today.

I, and my trustworthy team are incredibly busy all year round, and our current clients are always our number one priority. If you would like to be one them click on the link below and book a call with Dom.

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