Do you wish you could find someone to trust and care for your family dog so you can relax at work and when you go on holiday?

You need more than just a dog walker.

You need Pack Leader Dog Adventures


Over the last five years Pack Leader Dog Adventures has become known as the Premier Dog Adventure and Training service in the North East of England. We are an award winning dog walking business, renowned throughout the UK as the leading providers of professional dog care.

Our Dog Adventures help dog owners in Sunderland provide essential exercise and stimulation for their dog while they are at work. Our Play and Train dog training service is designed to help you forge a great connection with your dog so you can enjoy stress free walks with a dog that wants to be with you. Group and personal dog training available by appointment.



If you own a bored dog who is whiny and destructive while you are at work or full of energy and difficult to control when you come home, then you need Pack Leader Dog Adventures.



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